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Greg Wheat

Minister & Entrepreneur

Greg Wheat

Greg Wheat

BS in Church & Business. Oklahoma City, OK

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Greg's roots stem from Bartlesville Oklahoma, where he spent his formative years and graduated from Bartlesville High School. It was there that he crossed paths with his high school sweetheart, Janell, whom he later married. Greg affectionately refers to Janell as his "secret sauce," attributing his success to her unwavering support. According to Greg, Janell is not only the best thing that happened to him, second only to God, but also the driving force behind his achievements. Together, they have a loving family comprising their daughter, Kylie, their son, Kyston, a wonderful son-in-law named Shane, a precious grandson named Krue, and an honorary non-adopted son named Jesus.  Greg and his family have been apart of Purcell Oklahoma for over 25 years.

Greg is deeply committed to community engagement, consistently dedicating his efforts to fostering connections and giving back to Purcell. His extensive involvement includes building meaningful friendships, volunteering tirelessly, and actively contributing to the community's well-being. Greg's impact is notably felt through his longstanding commitment to the Heart of Oklahoma Chamber of Commerce, where he has volunteered for numerous years and presently holds the esteemed position of President. Additionally, he generously volunteers his time and expertise as a board member and the current Vice President of Leadership Mid-America at Mid-America. As a testament to his dedication, Greg is also a proud member of the Purcell Rotary Club, further illustrating his unwavering commitment to the betterment of Purcell and its residents.

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