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Purcell City Council

Greg has been apart of Purcell for over 25 years, and his love and commitment to Purcell runs deep, and is fueled by its warmth, charm, and  continued potential. To Greg, Purcell is not just any other city, it’s a canvas of possibilities. From the enchanting beauty of its lake, where tranquility meets reflection, to the inviting parks that echo with the laughter of families, Purcell is a haven that captivates the heart. Greg believes in the power of Purcell to be more than just a place; it's where families can forge lasting memories, where businesses can thrive, and where the echoes of laughter can reverberate through a vibrant community.

Greg is deeply committed to community engagement, consistently dedicating his efforts to fostering connections and giving back to Purcell. His extensive involvement includes building meaningful friendships, volunteering tirelessly, and actively contributing to the community's well-being. Greg's impact is notably felt through his longstanding commitment to the Heart of Oklahoma Chamber of Commerce, where he has volunteered for numerous years and presently holds the  position of President. Additionally, he generously volunteers his time and expertise as a board member and the current Vice President of Leadership Mid-America at Mid-America. As a testament to his dedication, Greg is also a proud member of the Purcell Rotary Club, further illustrating his unwavering commitment to the betterment of Purcell and its residents.

Greg is running for Purcell City Council with the conviction that this city has many great things to offer and possesses many great things for those seeking a beautiful place  to raise a family or establish a business. What truly makes Purcell special for Greg is its remarkable community of kind and welcoming people. He sees not just a city but a tapestry of connections, a place where relationships flourish. Greg values Purcell not only as a great place to live and raise a family but also as a destination that beckons visitors with open arms. The city's thriving businesses add to its allure, creating an environment where shopping is not just a transaction but a shared experience. Nestled conveniently off the highway, Purcell becomes a gateway for tourism, inviting travelers to discover the heart and soul of this community. For Greg, Purcell is more than a place; it's a home, a community, a destination, and a canvas of possibilities where every aspect converges to create a truly heartwarming experience. Here is a great article from The Purcell Register with more information on Greg's thoughts about Purcell. Purcell Register Article

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