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Greg holds a Bachelor's Degree in Church and Business from Southwestern Assemblies of God University. With a career spanning over 30 years in full-time ministry, Greg's dedication has been particularly impactful, with an impressive 24 years of service within our local community. His academic background and extensive experience reflect a deep commitment to both his professional pursuits and the betterment of the community he has called home for more than two decades.

As a pastor, Greg's ministry was marked by a practical and inspiring approach that not only uplifted but also fortified the faith of everyone he met. His sermons were far from being merely "preachy"; instead, they served as beacons of hope, delivering practical principles that resonated with the challenges of everyday life. Greg had a unique ability to impart wisdom that not only encouraged but also provided tangible guidance, empowering individuals to navigate their daily struggles with resilience and faith.

For a comprehensive overview of Greg's impactful ministry in this community, this article provides a compelling and inspirational read.

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